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How can a Pension Plan help your business?

A pension plan attracts new employees to your business and helps to keep current employees satisfied with their place in your organization. Offering a retirement plan makes job openings at your company more advantageous for a potential employee.  Employees are able to see long term benefits of working for your company.  In addition, pension plans can reduce employee turnover.  Employees who participate in pension plans are more likely to stay where they know they are saving for the future.  They feel more secure and appreciated in their positions when pension benefits are part of their employment package.  Furthermore, offering employer contributions to employee accounts is incentive to remain with your company and accrue more retirement income.

Financially, a pension plan acts as a tax shelter for you and your employees. Employees are able to defer untaxed funds into the plan, lowering their taxable income each year. Employees, including owners can potentially defer up to the IRS annual limit with the option to defer an additional catch-up contribution if they are over 50 years of age. In addition, if a business chooses to make employer contributions, those amounts can be used as deductions on your corporate tax return, Schedule C or K-1

Why is MGA the right choice for you?

Clients with MGA Consultants, Inc. receive personalized support and attention.  MGA provides individualized support to develop broad based client understanding of plan options and operating requirements.   In addition, we structure strong communications and interface links to promote efficient plan operation. This approach combines the quality and scope of services usually inherent in large international consulting firms with the more personalized client service associated with small businesses.

The staff at MGA has over 25 years of experience in the pension industry.  The pension professionals on staff are members of pension organizations such as ASPPA and NIPA and are required to attend pension conferences and continuing education classes in order to provide the most effective and accurate service to our clients.

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