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Profesional Services


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Sample forms are below. Please contact our distributions team for assistance with distribution paperwork. Your investment company may require their own form to be completed.

Distribution request

Hardship request*

Loan request*

Sample distribution forms for more than $1000 balance and for less than $1000 balance

Special tax notice

Sample Loan Administrative Policy

* Note hardships and loans may only be available if the provision is available in your Plan document. Contact our distributions team for details.

Annual Valuation and Form 5500
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Contact our office with questions on how to complete the annual questionnaire! This can be emailed, faxed, mailed, or returned to our office via the secure portal.

Census Request

Financial and Plan Information

Financial Information Request for Defined Benefit/ Cash Balance Plans

Financial Information Request for solo 401(k)

New Participants
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Newly eligible participants should receive the Plan's Summary Plan Description, Safe Harbor notice (if applicable), and Salary Deferral and Beneficiary Designation forms. Your investment company may provide these forms, but samples are available here:

Salary Deferral Election Form

Beneficiary Designation form