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Our Customers Say :

“MGA has helped me to bring a higher level of service and professionalism to my retirement plan business"

-Jeffery Quesenberry, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Investments

How MGA Can Help You and Your Clients

By providing comprehensive reports, MGA Consultants, Inc. completes extensive reporting for your client’s pension plans, including account balance reconciliation, loan monitoring and reconciliations, segregation of accounts (when the assets are pooled), contribution calculations and allocation of gains in addition to numerous other standard services provided by our firm. Our reports enable a broker to better understand the plan and better counsel his or her clients on investments and contributions each year. MGA’s knowledge of ERISA Laws and our resources and contacts within the industry will ensure that your clients remain complaint with all industry standards and regulations.

How MGA Works With Financial Advisors

At MGA Consultants, Inc., we pride our selves on our ability to process information and produce reports, answer questions and complete proposals accurately, efficiently and quickly. In addition, when meeting with clients, Lee Bachu will accompany a Financial Advisor to present a proposal designed specifically for that client.

Lee can also consult with the Financial Advisor and help to establish the plan with an investment company, assisting the advisor with any/all necessary paperwork to establish the plan, completing plan documents and helping to create a smooth installation of the plan. Furthermore, Lee Bachu can refer brokers to platforms and programs within investment companies. MGA Consultants, Inc. works with all record keeping mutual fund companies companies, including but not limited to The MassMutual, John Hancock, Principal Financial Group, Oppenheimer Funds, VOYA, Edward Jones, American Funds, Transamerica and Nationwide.

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